The Busiest Airports in Switzerland

Airports in Switzerland

Airport NameIATA CodeICAO CodeAirport City
Zurich Airport ZRH LSZH Zurich
Geneva Airport GVA LSGG Geneva
EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg BSL LFSB Basel
Bern Airport BRN LSZB Bern

International airports in Switzerland

Switzerland is a quiet and comfortable country, but also popular with visitors from all over the world thanks to its magnificent resorts, outdoor activities and powerful financial sector. In Switzerland, almost all airports are distinguished by their tranquility and comfort, as if emphasizing the country’s character. Although the size of the airports is not amazing, it is Switzerland that does everything to make it as comfortable as possible to help you spend time waiting for your flight. There are 22 airports in Switzerland, which is actually a big number for such a small country. Of course, among them there are large airports included in the list of the best world airports, and small ones used mainly for private flights. Of these, only 7 international airports are located in every corner of the country. That allows you to choose the best terminal for your trip. The total passenger flow for the year is about 50 million people.

A list of international airports in Switzerland can be found below:

  • Zurich Airport – (ZRH)
  • Geneva Airport – (GVA)
  • Basel Airport – (BSL)
  • Bern Airport – (BRN)
  • Lugano Airport – (LUG)
  • St. Gallen – Altenrhein Airport (ACH)
  • Sion Airport – (SIR)

Major airports in Switzerland

However, only 3 terminals are considered to be major airports in Switzerland. We offer you to get acquainted with the list of major airports in Switzerland:

Zurich Airport (ZRH) is the busiest one and serves more than 30 million passengers a year. You know, for a city with only 415,000 inhabitants, this is just a record number of guests! It is located 13 km from the city center and you can get to the city in just 15 minutes! However, according to international estimates, it is recognized as the best airport in Europe and has received the World Travel Award 17 times in a row.

Geneva International Airport (GVA) is Switzerland’s second largest and most important airport. It serves more than 25 million passengers a year and is located 5 km from the center of Geneva. And you can get to the center in just 10 minutes! This airport is connected with all cities of the country by transport hubs.

Euro Airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (BSL / MLH / EAP) is the third largest and most important. It annually serves more than 7 million passengers and is jointly operated by Switzerland and France. The terminal is located 45 km from Milhouse (France) and only 3 km from Basel, so you can get to the center of the city in 10 minutes.

Biggest airports in Switzerland

The largest airports in Switzerland are among the best in Europe, thanks to their comfort, safety and quality of service. The best is considered Zurich Airport (ZRH). Here in cozy stores you can buy high-quality goods and souvenirs from real Swiss chocolate to the best watches and jewelry in the world. You can eat in an excellent restaurant or drink hot chocolate or coffee in an excellent café or to get really nice things or perfume.

Of course, like at all the best airports, you can use internet points, VIP rooms, prayer rooms, smoking rooms, car rentals and children’s rooms. Only the quality of service will be much higher than at many other terminals.

List of airports in Switzerland

And so we have introduced you to the general information about the airports of Switzerland. Each of them is unique in its own way, and deserves a separate article. And we will definitely tell you more about them on our website. More details can be found by you while seeing airports in Switzerland map here.

Also, we are pleased to introduce you to the features of each airport from this list, in our articles. And we sincerely hope that everyone can find useful information for making your trip.
In order to make it easier for you to deal with geography, we have prepared a map of airports in Switzerland.

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