The Busiest Airports in Sweden

Airports in Sweden

Airport NameIATA CodeICAO CodeAirport City
Stockholm Arlanda AirportARNESSAStockholm
Goteborg Landvetter AirportGOTESGGGothenburg
Stockholm Bromma AirportBMAESSBStockholm
Stockholm Skavsta AirportNYOESKNStockholm
Malmo AirportMMXESMSMalmo

International airports in Sweden

There are 50 airports all over the country. Of course, this list not includes small regional, military, helipads and even closed ones. And in fact, all 50 of this number of airports, serve commercial passenger flights. There are fifty international passenger airports in Sweden at all, among which there are both small ones dealing with several regional routes and giant airports working with hundreds of airlines and capable of serving dozens million passengers a year. 50 airports in Sweden have the status of an international airport and meet high international standards. The total number of registered passengers at all airports for 2019 year was approximately 48mio people.

Major airports in Sweden

Sweden has 7 most important airports. The total workload is 42-43mio passengers per year. The workload of even the smallest of them exceeds 1mio passengers per year. And the workload of the largest is more than 26mio people per year. The main feature of the country’s largest airport ARN is that this is one of the most important transportation hub in Nordic countries and, importantly, the country’s largest airports are connected with the main city Stockholm through excellent transport links.

Biggest airports in Sweden

The largest airports in Sweden are distinguished by increased comfort, a list of additional services and, particularly, by the quality of service. The largest Sweden airports are popular not only with local residents, but also with tourists – most of the passengers are guests from all over the world. And of course, each major airport has its own unique feature. You can eat in an excellent restaurant, have hot chocolate or coffee in a cozy cafe, or have lunch in the popular bistro. In duty-free shops, you can buy quality items, souvenirs or perfumes. Of course, like at all major airports, you can use internet points, VIP rooms, prayer rooms, smoking rooms, car rental, baby prams or wheelchairs, playgrounds for children. Also, you are able to purchase newspapers and magazines in English and other features. Of course, there are always a lot of people here, because flights are carried out around the clock. And, besides, the speed of service at large international airports will be much higher than at small airports.

List of airports in Sweden

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