The Busiest Airports in Netherlands

Airports in Netherlands

Airport NameIATA CodeICAO CodeAirport City
Amsterdam Airport SchipholAMSEHAMAmsterdam
Eindhoven AirportEINEHEHEindhoven
Rotterdam The Hague AirportRTMEHRDRotterdam
Maastricht Aachen AirportMSTEHBKMaastricht

International airports in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, occupying a relatively small territory, is a fairly heavily populated country (17 million people). And also the Netherlands is an economically developed state, which plays an important role in world history and business, and, moreover, is very popular among tourists.
Therefore, the Netherlands has 8 heliports, 9 military airports, 25 civilian airports, among which there are both small ones dealing with several regional routes, and giant airports that work with hundreds of airlines and are capable of serving tens of millions of passengers a year. The total volume of passenger traffic at all airports in the Netherlands is approximately 80 million people.

A list of international airports in Netherlands:

  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol AMS – 71 million passengers
  • Eindhoven Airport EIN – 6.3 million passengers
  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport RTM – 1.9 million passengers
  • Maastricht Aachen Airport MST – 0.5 million passengers
  • Groningen Airport Eelde GRQ – 0,2 million passengers
  • Lelystad Airport LEY – 0.2 million passengers

Major airports in Netherlands

The most important and largest airport in the Netherlands is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). It is located 9 km southwest of the capital and included in the top 5 busiest airports of Europe. Its passenger traffic makes up 71 ml of passengers per year. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of the top 10 best airports in the world: for convenience, comfort and accuracy. The terminal works with 326 destinations, has 499,446 thousand take-off and landing operations and serves flights to 91 countries. This airport is often used as an intermediate in intercontinental flights.

Eindhoven airport – is the second largest and most important one. This terminal prefers to work with low cost airlines.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is the third largest airport in the Netherlands. Although it is small, but it has an advantage of its relative proximity to Amsterdam: the center of Amsterdam can be reached in just half an hour.
The full list of major airports in Netherlands can be found at this link. Besides, we are pleased to introduce you to the features of each airport from this list, in our articles. And we sincerely hope that everyone can find useful information for making your own trip.

The biggest airports in the Netherlands

As we have already mentioned, the largest airports in the Netherlands are very popular. Most passengers are guests from all over the world, but local residents are also very active in using air traffic. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the main airport of the Netherlands, has something to surprise even a sophisticated traveler, because it has been honored with a high award and is one of the top 10 terminals. Of course, the ability to provide take-off and landing operations for a huge number of flights from around the world makes this airport particularly important. But at the same time it is recognized as one of the best thanks to the accurate customer service, comfort and conveniences provided by the airport. This is a city inside the city where life boils around the clock. After all, right at the airport there are a lot of hotels, restaurants, snack bars, cozy cafes, hairdressers, beauty salons, shops, boutiques, playgrounds, flower shops, a library, a museum, smoking rooms, the possibility of renting strollers and special strollers for the disabled, including the possibility of renting an electric car. You can also get from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam city center in just 15 minutes using the train connection.

List of airports in Netherlands

And so we have introduced you to general information about airports in the Netherlands. Each of them is unique in its own way, and deserves a separate article. And we will definitely tell you more about them on our website. More details can be found if you have a look at airports in Netherlands map here.
Just in order to make it easier for you to deal with geography, we have prepared a map of airports in Netherlands.

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