The Busiest Airports in Germany

Airports in Germany

Airport NameIATA CodeICAO CodeAirport City
Berlin Tegel AirportTXLEDDTBerlin
Munich AirportMUCEDDMMunich / Bavaria
Frankfurt AirportFRAEDDFFrankfurt am Main
Cologne Bonn AirportCGNEDDKCologne / Bonn
Düsseldorf AirportDUSEDDLDüsseldorf
Hamburg AirportHAMEDDHHamburg / Fuhlsbüttel
Berlin SchonefeldSXFEDDBBerlin
Stuttgart AirportSTREDDSStuttgart
Hannover AirportHAJEDDVHannover
Nuremberg AirportNUEEDDNNuremberg
Leipzig/Halle AirportLEJEDDPLeipzig
Bremen AirportBREEDDWBremen
Dortmund AirportDTMEDLWDortmund
Frankfurt–Hahn AirportHHNEDFHFrankfurt
Dresden AirportDRSEDDCDresden
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden AirportFKBEDSBBaden-Baden

International airports in Germany

Germany is one of the leading countries in the field of air transportation. Almost every average German city has its own airport, and some large cities even have several airports at once. The total number of airports is about 680. Of course, the list includes not only international, but also regional, military and even closed ones. Germany has 36 major passenger airports, comprising both small structures dealing with several regional routes and giant airports working with hundreds of airline companies and capable of serving tens of millions of passengers a year.

According to reports from the Federal Statistical Office for 2018, the flow of more than 122.6 million passengers passed through German airports. But only 16 of them are considered the main international air terminals. The list of international airports in Germany can be seen below. In the meantime, we offer you to get acquainted with the top 10 largest German airports:

  1. Frankfurt Airport (FRA); 100 airlines, 239 destinations
  2. Munich Airport (MUC); 77 airlines, 191 destinations
  3. Düsseldorf Airport (DUS); 57 airlines, 147 destinations
  4. Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL); 48 airlines, 109 destinations
  5. Hamburg Airport (HAM); 42 airlines, 87 destinations
  6. Stuttgart Airport (STR); 30 airlines, 80 destinations
  7. Köln/Bonn Airport (CGN); 26 airlines, 92 destinations
  8. Hannover-Langenhagen Airport (HAJ); 24 airlines, 50 destinations
  9. Berlin-Schönefeld Airport (SXF); 17 airlines, 69 destinations
  10. Nuremberg Airport (NUE); 17 airlines, 32 destinations

Major airports in Germany

But do you know that today there are 19 airports in Germany serving one or more million passengers a year? And every year this list is increasing by one new airport at least. Such dynamics shows how popular German airports are now. Indeed, many passengers departing from EU countries for intercontinental flights have to make their way through German airports.

Imagine that 69,510,269 passengers passed through Frankfurt / FRA Airport last year! And this is 7% more than a year earlier.

And Munich Airport Munich / MUC last year counted more than 46 million passengers. Surprisingly, even the small international Memmingen Airport, which almost closes our list of major airports, was able to increase passenger traffic by 25% in one year!

The full list of major airports in Germany can be viewed in table on top of this article. Also, we are pleased to introduce you to the features of each airport from this list, in our articles. And we sincerely hope that everyone can find information useful for making the route of your trip.

The Biggest airports in Germany

As we have already mentioned, the largest airports in Germany are popular not only with the Germans. Moreover, most passengers are guests from all over the world. And of course, German air terminals have something to surprise a sophisticated traveler. Indeed, the largest airports in Germany are famous not only for their ability to meet passengers and send them to a huge number of destinations, but also, of course, for the comfort of customer service in the building itself. This is a city inside the city where life boils around the clock. After all, right at the airport there are hotels (from economical to very good ones), excellent restaurants and simple snack bars, hairdressers and beauty salons, shops, boutiques and playgrounds. Some major airports offer such a wide range of services that it has options for parking spaces for women only, prayer rooms, quiet areas, free stroller rental for children, hotels for dogs etc.

List of airports in Germany

So we introduced you to general information about German airports. Each of the terminals is unique in its own way, and deserves a separate article. And we will definitely tell you more about them on our website. More details can be found while studying airports in Germany map here.

In order to make it easier for you to deal with geography, we have prepared a map of airports in Germany.

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