The Busiest Airports in France

Airports in France

Airport NameIATA CodeICAO CodeAirport City
Paris Charles de GaulleCDGLFPGParis
Paris OrlyORYLFPOParis
Beauvais AirportBVALFOBParis
Nice Côte d’Azur AirportNCELFMNNice
Lyon AirportLYSLFLLLyon
Toulouse–Blagnac AirportTLSLFBOToulouse
Marseille Provence AirportMRSLFMLMarseille
EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse FreiburgMLHLFSBMulhouse
Bordeaux-Merignac AirportBODLFBDBordeaux
Nantes AirportNTELFRSNantes

International airports in France

France is very attractive for tourists from all over the world. Besides, local authorities are investing a lot in the development of the air transport infrastructure. Therefore, the total number of airports is 170. Of course, this list includes international, regional, military, helipads and even closed terminals. But in reality, only about half of the number of airports serves commercial passenger flights.

There are 34 international passenger airports in Germany, which comprise both small ones dealing with several regional routes and giant terminals working with hundreds of airlines and capable of serving tens of millions of passengers a year. The total passenger flow of all airports in France is 186,391,864. Only 20 airports have more than 1 million passengers per year.
The list of international airports in France can be seen below.

The most interesting is the fact that 90% of passenger flow move through the 10 largest terminals of the total number of 170 airports:

  1. Paris Charles-de-Gaulle – 66 million passengers
  2. Paris Orly – 31 million passengers
  3. Nice – Côte d’Azur – 12 million passengers
  4. Lyon Saint Exupéry – 9 million passengers
  5. Marseille Provence – 8.5 million passengers
  6. Toulouse – Blagnac – 8 million passengers
  7. Bâle-Mulhouse-Fribourg – 7.3 million passengers
  8. Bordeaux-Mérignac – 5.7 million passengers
  9. Nantes Atlantique – 4.7 million passengers
  10. Paris – Beauvais – 4 million passengers

Major airports in France

Do you know that today there are 20 airports in France serving one or more million passengers a year? And every year this list is increasing by at least one new terminal. Such dynamics shows how popular airports in France are.
After all, France annually attracts a huge flow of tourists from all over the world; In addition, you can make intercontinental flights from this place.
So, Paris Charles-de-Gaulle is the largest airport which serves 66 million passengers. And every year the number of passengers is only growing compared to each previous one!

The second of the most important airports in France is Paris Orly – it annually serves more than 31 million passengers.

Another 8 airports serve less than 100,000 passengers: Aurillac (27,790), Agen (39,026), Brive-Soulliac (68,215), Castres (41,372) and Avignon (10,544).

And also there are 22 airports serving even less than 10,000 passengers per year. They are the following: Cannes (7,285 passengers), Le Mans (6,072 passengers), Perigueux (5,874 passengers), Angouleme (2,225 passengers), Annecy (3,740 passengers), Le Touquet (1,752 passengers), St Tropez-La Mole (3,703 passengers), Le Havre (5,657 passengers)

The full list of major airports in France can be seen at this link. And we are pleased to introduce you to the features of each airport from this list, in our articles. Also, we sincerely hope that everyone can find useful information for making the route of your trip.

Biggest airports in France

As we have already said, the largest airports in France are popular not only with locals. Moreover, most of the passengers are guests from all over the world. And of course, the largest French terminals have their own unique features. Indeed, all largest airports in France are famous not only for their ability to provide the function of passenger landing and departing, but also of course for the level of customer service, transport infrastructure and, of course, a comfortable stay at the airport itself.

This is a city inside the city where life boils around the clock. Paris is famous for its shopping and right at the airport you are offered a huge selection of shops and boutiques where you can get the most fashionable goods from the original collections, have a nice lunch in the restaurant.

Besides, there are hotels, snack bars, playgrounds, and rooms for caring for children, prayers rooms, smoking rooms, lounges, rooms for video games, rental of prams, entertainment centers and much more just at the airport.

List of airports in France

There are places on the map of France where 8 airports are located just an hour away from each other. Such a large number of airports provides passengers with the opportunity to select an airport and at the same time makes each of the terminals less loaded.

There is also a seasonal factor and in order to get optimal efficiency some airports are open only during the holiday season, when the maximal flow of passengers takes place.

So we introduced you to the general information about the airports of France. Each of them is unique in its own way, and deserves a separate article. And we will definitely tell you more about them on our website. More details can be found if you have a look at airports in France map here.

In order to make it easy for you to deal with geography we have prepared the map of airports in France.

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